Anu Fiddler




Anu Fiddler 

Anu FiddlerArtist Anu Fiddler hails from Finland.  Her a passion for Art in all media is relentless, covering oils, acrylics, watercolours, etching, batik, pastels and pottery.

In 1991 Anu took a years course in traditional art and pottery in Lapland followed by a fine arts course in Oulu and a 4year course in art and media from  from The Tornio College of Art and Media, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree.

"I use my dreams often to guide me with my paintings. I like to use female figures, animals and objects to tie in a story."

Anu became and Actress and dancer but the passion for art was so strong she is quoted as saying "I have to paint. It lets me escape and exist at the same time."

Anu left her native home of Finland and emigrated to Canada in 2000 and is now married.


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