Custom Metal Art Designs by Elaina Roberts

Elaina Roberts

Growing up in Kakabeka Falls area I have spent almost my whole life in the Thunder Bay area.  For the last 12 years I have been fascinated with metal working, studying techniques such as machining, welding and blacksmithing. In 2010 I returned to the Thunder Bay area after spending 3 years on Vancouver Island attending the University of Victoria where a received my degree in mechanical engineering.  Prior to University I worked in the trades as an apprentice machinist in both the mining and pulp and paper industry.   

I work with almost any material including: silver, stainless steel, tempered aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, gold, niobium and titanium. Every material has different material properties and I enjoy creating custom pieces to suit individual needs. Every chainmail piece is constructed completely by hand one ring at a time which makes every piece very strong and unique.

From chainmaling I began working with thin wire to wrap items to add to the chainmail.  Almost all of my wrappings are done with elements of nature including: stones, crystals, drift wood, pearls, shells, antler and even beach glass. I can custom wrap almost anything and enjoy working with people to create beautiful individualized pieces.  




Giant of the North
40" x 40"


Tree of Life
30" x 18"


Mountain Escape
48" x 24"