Allindsey Kakegamic


I’ve enjoyed drawing for much of my life, but first became more serious about improving and expanding my talents around the time I was in high school, and began painting. My earliest sources of inspiration were other Allindsey Kakegamicnative artists and my great- uncle, Robert Kakegamic. I enjoyed watching the process as they brought their art to life, and it made me think about trying to do the same. 

At first I didn’t feel I was very good, but I kept practicing by drawing fan art and continuing to study other artists work. Some of my other artistic inspirations are Japanese artists such as Naoko Takeuchi and Yoshitaka Amano.

Lately I have increasingly begun to draw inspiration from music, ballads, and stories from other cultures besides my own. I find many things in these stories to be universally appealing and want to express and share them with others through my art. 
This is another aspect of my art which in some ways ties back to my native heritage. Native woodland art is an art form which preserves the old stories and legends of my culture. And I believe that it is important that my art should have a story in it or behind it.

Allindsey's Paintings

 Birds Blue Brown by Allindsey Kakegamic

Birds Blue/Brown
39 x 29 inches - 600.00

Blue Bird Family by Allindsey Kakegamic

Bird Family
24 x 29 inches - $250.00

Dreamy Flowers
36 x 15 inches (set of 5 panels) - $150.00


The Four Seasons Tree by Allindsey Kakegamic

Acrylic on canvas  40" x 63" (101 cm x 161 cm) - SOLD
The inspiration for this painting comes from the artwork of  Norval Morrisseau.  

 The Tree  is painting on four separate panels depicting each of the four seasons.  




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