Dwayne Wabegijig

Dwayne Wabegijig (Light- colour Sky) is an aboriginal Woodland Artist from Thunder Bay Ontario where he currently resides and works from. He has lived in Lethbridge Alberts, Sault Ste. Marie  and Sioux Lookout,  Whitefish Lake, Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, Naughton, but has spent the better part of his life in Thunder Bay.

His passion for art started at an early age where he completed drawings in pencil, charcoal and pastel for friends and family. It wasn’t until his early 20’s that he started working with acrylics and oils after discovering Salvador Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso.

At 23, his dad asked him to bring his paintings to the Native Arts and Crafts show where he was immersed in the aboriginal Woodland art of his contemporaries. It was after that show, in 2007, that he began to change his style towards the brighter colours, imagery and history of the Woodland school.

His paintings today blend the realism of nature (ie. landscapes, night skies) with the x-ray lines and bright colours of today’s Woodland art. He hopes to continue to home his craft by further integrating the legends and stories of his Ojibwe ancestry with his experiments in the Woodland school of art.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings


The Seven Grandfather Teachings 

By Dwayne Wabegijig


This 4 foot by 2 and a half foot acrylic painting is a contemporary woodland style work that represents the seven Grandfather teachings gifted to the aboriginal peoples of Canada.

The seven main clans are represented here by the Sacred fire along with an elder who’s passing along the traditions and teachings of the first peoples.  Along with the teachings, there are ceremonies including smudging, food offerings to the ancestors and prayers made with the pipe that are then carried by the eagle to the creator.

               My hope is that this work will help show the younger generation of aboriginal people that our tradition is strong, beautiful and only by coming together and sharing our stories with each other can we continue that tradition.




Dwayne Wabegijig



By Dwayne Wabegijig

    Warrior                                 Curt Cobain                                 Elder's Song




Fasting on Bear Island


Dawn by Dwayne Wabegijig
In the Sky by Dwayne Wabegijig
In The Sky


The Drummer 

    Wolf Clan                                                         Turtle Island

Coming to the River                          Bear Mountain

Spirit Moose                                                          Spirit Fish




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