John Paul Lavand


John Paul Lavand

 John Paul LavandJohn Paul Lavand's heritage is Ojibway. Born in 1962, he was raised on Rat
Herons by John Paul LavandPortage Reserve near Kenora, in Northwestern Ontario. He was inspired to begin drawing at the age of six years by the death of his brother. In the beginning, his main theme was portraits of people. Later, as his work evolved, he began to concentrate more on drawing wild life. John's working medium is pen and ink with a hand brush touch of colour.

In addition to maturing in his style of detailed Wild Life Art, he is now creating a limited number of traditional native works in acrylics.

In 1980, John presented his first one-man exhibit at the Wah-Sa Gallery. Through such 
Time to Let Go by John Paul Lavandexhibitions, John has obtained the recognition of being an exciting new Canadian Native Artist living and working in Kenora, Ontario.

John has been recognized globally and has successfully sold prints as far as Germany, Austria, France, Australia and Japan.

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