Josie Anderson

Josie Anderson

Josie AndersonJosie Anderson self taught artist born on August 18, 1946 and lives in Kasabonika Lake.

Mr. Josie Anderson, a Cree Indian living on reserve, is one of the rare Northwest Community Artists who produces original woodland paintings featuring many rovers and beautiful sunsets with flaming northern lights which inspire the imagination of the viewers.

Josie has been painting and doing deer-hide sketches for the past
fifteen (15) years and has earned and enviable reputation throughout Josie AndersonOntario and the surround Territories to Art Collectors and having produced in excess of 300 works of art.

He  specialized in paintings which represent legends that have been handed down from previous generations and other ancestors. In addition, he portrays wild creatures and beautiful landscapes.

The Drum and the Loon $665.00
Original Acrylic on Canvas Board
24 x 20 inches (unframed)