Gayle Buzzi

Gayle Buzzi

Artist's Statement

Gayle BuzziThe natural world inspires me and I wish to portray this in ways that generate critical thought; Thoughts around people’s interactions with the world, and how this contributes to the growth and/or destruction of the natural world that is so iconic in Canada. I create conceptual ceramic, sculptural and painterly pieces revolving around themes of nature and decay and our relationships with them. This develops into installations that portray the timelessness of nature and its use as a resource.

Gayle Buzzi with her sculpture "Boreal Bouncer" at Definitley Superior Art Gallery's Retrograd Exhibition 


My sculptures and paintings often focus on the Canadian landscape as a resource. Society often fails to make the connection between the water flowing from their pipes and the beautiful lake it comes from. Or the lumber used in the construction of our cities and the forests that made it possible. People often overlook the numerous effects they have on their natural surroundings.

My ceramic works focus on beautifying the death and decay of Canadian wildlife. I collect animals that have died: such as road kill or leftovers from a previous animal. After taking a plaster mold of their body, I press clay into it. Once the mold is complete I boil the animal to get the bones. The bones protrude out of the clay skin similarly to how they would in the process of natural decomposition. Ceramic flowers ‘bleed’ from the animal creating a bed of flowers. The fragile clay body and the delicate nature of the flowers create a beautiful, clean sculpture that upon closer inspection turns out to be a grotesque scene of death and decay.

The slow, time consuming processes involved in my installations and ceramic works provides me with a connection to the natural world from which I take my materials and imagery from. The works allow me to initiate critical thought in the minds of the viewers while also prompting an emotional response.

 Gayle Buzzie