Kerri Whitehurst


Kerri Whitehurst

Kerri is a graduate from Lakehead University with a degree in HBFA in Visual Arts and a Bachelors of Education BEd. Growing up Kerri Whitehurst - Mixed Media Artistas a Hard of Hearing person has taught her to use different and new ways of communication.  Communicating is as important as life itself in human culture. 

Kerri uses a variety of textures and colours to communicate through her work. Her artwork became another form of language, one where she could personally relate with her viewers. For her recent work, Kerri has developed a style of working with texture and color in mixed medias. Her work constructs many layers by using different materials such as spreading dry-wall compound on wooden board, painting acrylic washes, rice papers, and carving out figure or items. Varieties of textures and colors are utilized to create different mood settings for each of the paintings, producing new ways to communicate with the viewers.


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Kerri L. Whitehurst: Mixed Media Artist:

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