Maria Matuszewska

Maria Matuszewska

Maria MatuszewskaBorn in Szczecin, Poland in 1984, Maria lived in her hometown for 4 years before moving to Greece in 1988. She immigrated to Canada in 1993. Maria and her family settled in Thunder Bay and has called the city with a giant heart home ever since. As a result of her moves, Maria is fluent in 3 languages: Greek (her first language), Polish and English.

Maria attended Sir Winston Churchill high school. During her high school career, Maria’s love for art blossomed. She was in her element in Art class and revelled in the growth and development of her skill at this time, experimenting with different forms and techniques. Maria graduated from Churchill in 2002, leaving with numerous accolades for her artistic talents.

Having cultured a passion for architecture and design, Maria applied for and was accepted to the Interior Design program at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON. Upon graduation from Ryerson in 2006, Maria began to work for Toronto design firms. Her specialty was interior and exterior hand renderings of structures. Maria took a leave from design in 2007 to sail with the Canadian Forces in Victoria, B.C. The year of 2008 was a momentous occasion as Maria moved back home to Thunder Bay and began to produce artwork again.

Art has always been a passion and a means for Maria put her emotions onto canvas. It was her early life in Greece and the magnificence of Greek art, architecture, and culture that spurred Maria’s interest in art and design. Her two inspirational famous figures are Antonio Gaudi and Andy Warhol. Maria’s art is classified as abstract, post-modern contemporary art. She loves to employ the use of pastels, and in some cases oil paint and mixed media, in creating magnificent, vibrant pieces that reflect the human emotions. Maria’s inspiration comes from life experiences and the sentiment in her life while producing her pieces, making each creation truly an extension of herself. Her art pieces touch the viewer with emotion and invite the viewer to experience an aspect of her life. We hope that you too are touched by Maria’s artwork.