Hovland Arts Festival

Watercolours for the Hovland Arts Festival
by Ray Swaluk

 Watercolour by Ray Swaluk
Watercolour by Ray Swaluk  Split Rock Lighthouse  Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay 

Ray Swaluk

Ray Swaluk

"Summer Downpour" Painted on a Ford Trunk Hood


Summer Downpour by Ray Swaluk

Thunder Bay Artist, Ray Swaluk found an old rusty trunk hood on a bush road in the Boreal Forest, west of Thunder Bay. He figures the hood likely came from an old Ford Fairlane or Ford Galaxy from the 1950’s or 60’s. Inspired by the natural beauty of the location where it was found, on Swallow Lake, Ray came back with his paint supplies one sunny day and began to paint, using the hood as his canvas. As he painted, the day clouded over and it began to rain, causing the acrylic paints to run and creating an enchanting illusion of a summer rainfall. When the painting had dried, Ray added some realistic details and a coat of varnish to for protection.

Ray Swaluk was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He has studied under Master Artists such as Tom Ray SwalukLynch, Rose Edin, Jim West and Gord Mackenzie. He also studied under great
local Artists, Peter Humeniuk and Greg Zelinski. Ray believes that to be a good landscape artist, one must paint on the scene as much as possible and feels that living in Northwestern Ontario with it's shores and rugged rock formations give him great subject matter wherever he goes. He says the challenges in water colour painting are endless. Ray has also taught some art classes in his community and hopes to pass on this great medium of art to many others. Ray is a member of the North Shore Watercolour Society. His work is on display in the Lake Superior Art Gallery. ~ Thanks to Mother Nature


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