Ronald J. Lacroix


Ronald J. Lacroix


Ronald LacroixBorn in Manitoba, Ron came to Thunder Bay in 1970. At the time was working as an Electronic Technician for M.O.T. and had just completed a 17 months tour in Resolute Bay, North West Territories.

Always enjoying photography as a hobby and while working for Bombardier in Toronto, Kingston and Nova Scotia during the 90’s, photography became a way of enjoying the many evenings and weekends on the road. Retiring in 2004, after 34 years with Bombardier, hiking became a way of enjoying the great outdoors. Days would be spent with camera around the neck enjoying the many scenic excursions the fabulous Northern Ontario outdoors has to offer.

Ron has always preferred photographing nature and abandoned farmsteads & homesteads of the past as the all have a story to tell. Water features are also a favorite. And it allows one the see things and enjoy it all from vastly different perspectives.


Quote once read “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” Ansel Adams

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