Sonja VanRooyen

Sonja VanRooyen


Sonja VanRooyen Sonja VanRooyen Sonja  was born in Denmark and as a young child she immigrated to Canada .  Sonja grew up and spent her married life in the Danish Community of Pass Lake which is nestled in the land of the Sleeping Giant surrounded by the waters of Lake Superior.    The Sleeping Giant is one of Canada’s great wonders as well as the landmark for Thunder Bay where Sonja now resides.   The North Shore of Lake Superior is a great inspiration for all local artists.  Thunder Bay has many accomplished artists;   some of whom have provided Sonja with valuable instructions and support.   As well she has attended workshops with other prominent Canadian Artists and a number of International artists who have also had a hand in developing her artistic skills and aesthetic sense.

Painting Watercolours is her passion which also creates a welcome retreat from the pressures of operating a busy Bed and Breakfast and maintaining award winning gardens.  She has hosted 14 garden tours over the years.  Watercoulours is merely the most recent leg of a continuing artistic journey.  Sonja is starting to branch into pastels and acrylics as well.

Since childhood Sonja has always had a strong sense of the artistic.  As a young child she was always drawing,  colouring, and rearranging her parent’s furniture – still doing that today.  Interior and landscape design are one of her great joys.   She was a volunteer with the art program at her children’s public school.  Sonja studied to become a cake decorator which she pursued professionally for a number of years.  In the late 70”s she achieved her Instructors certificate for Ceramics and opened a studio in her home for 25 students.    This was the beginning of her artistic career.

When time permits she teaches classes and hosts workshops for other artists in her Sunroom as well as her Garden Studio at Sleeping Giant B&B

 She is a member of Lakehead Visual Arts and her works are displayed at their gallery location each tourist season.  Her paintings can also be viewed on her website