Book Packaging Services


Are you an author with a manuscript looking to independently publish your work but need someone to prepare your work for either a traditional printer, print-on-demand or e-book publication?  Do you live in Northern Minnesota or Northwestern Ontario?  If so, we can help.

A book packager can provide everything you need, including

We have done a number of books:

(1)    We have designed the covers for books
           a.    Either hard or soft cover including the wording on the spine
           b.    The inside flap and the back cover
(2)    We get the ISBN number and register the book with Archives Canada and provide them with copies
(3)    We also place the ISBN inside the book and on the back cover
(4)    We also arrange for printing of the book
          a.    Because we have worked with a number of printers we find that our quotes for printing are very competitive
(5)    If it is a book that we have worked on we sell it in the gallery  and list it online for sale
(6)    Because we are listed as the Publisher, libraries find it easier to contact us for purchases as we accept purchase orders and provide them with the required paper work.

    At Lake Superior Art Gallery, we are a book packager that can take your manuscript to finished product, including traditional print, e-book or print-on-demand publishing.

    You can use any single part of the book packaging services or use Lake Superior Art Gallery as your complete book packager.

    If you wish to sell your book online please visit Lake Superior Store.

    Contact us for more details.


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