Stained Glass Mosaic Class


By Kim Hewitt

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Thursday, January 26th, February 2nd and 9th
6:30 to 9:30 pm

Lake Superior Art Gallery

Kim Hewitt Stain Glass

Learn to create your own stained glass mosaic, with local artist Kim Hewitt. Open to beginners, this workshop includes an introduction to glass cutting, tools, and techniques. Create your own stained glass mosaic to bring home and enjoy.

Cost is $140.00 per person with all materials provided for you. Only 5 spots available!

For registration please  phone 807-622-7573 or email

To Register online please visit

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Stained Glass Mosaic Class:
By Kim Hewitt Tuesday Evenings
Thursday January 26th, February 2nd and 9th,
from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at Lake Superior Art Gallery

Health and Safety:
    Please do not wear sandals.
    Please bring a pair of safety galsses to protect your eyes.

     LSAG is located inside Victoriaville Centre
     You can park in Justice Ave, the lane between the Court House and Victoriaville Centre.
     There is a sign over the door saying Lake Superior.
     There is also a free public parking lot at the west side of the Court house.
     Or you can park in Centennial Square and come in the West Entrance of Victoriaville.      There are two entrances. The one to the left is open in the evening.

Week 1

    Learn to cut glass
    Review pattern and cut out
    Try different kinds of glass cutters
    Learn how to score and break glass
    Learn how to cut different shapes
    Learn how to grind glass to asmooth surface
    Start to cut glass for project

Week 2

    Learn Glass on Glass technique
    Continue cutting glass for project
    Grind all pieces until smooth
    Apply pictures to glass
    Clean all glass/Prepare surface
    Glue pieces

Week 3

    Learn to mix and apply grout and sealant
    Remove any excess glue from glass with blade
    Mix grout
    Apply grout to gaps
    Clean grout from glass and smooth out grouted areas
    Clean and polish
    Adhere glass to frame using silicone

Stain Glass Mosaic Class


 Everyone had a great time working of their 1st Mosaic Stain Glass Project



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