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Paintings from Lake Superior Art Gallery

(Leasing Division)

Lake Superior Art Gallery is proud to offer a selection of original art for sale or for lease to discriminating collectors.

The goal of our Leasing Division is to promote regional artists by placing their art in a variety of locations to help provide awareness of our very talented artists.

The Lake Superior Art Gallery in Thunder Bay has a rotating collection of original artwork by emerging Canadian contemporary artists that can be rented for a monthly fee. 
The price is four percent of the price of the artwork, starting at $20 per month and going up to about $350 per month. If you decide at the end of a three-month period, to purchase the piece, then Lake Superior Art Gallery will deduct the amount you've already paid.

Instead of making a commitment or before you're ready to make that commitment, you can try it out, make sure you love it first and that it fits well with your home. Or you can just rent something for a while, then swap it out for a new piece when you get tired of it.

There is a wide variety of art to chose from.


Entering The City

Entering The City  


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Previously Owned Art for Sale or Lease

Art from Private Collections

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Contemporary Art

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First Nation Aboriginal Art

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Watercolour Art

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Wildlife Art

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