Project Ireland

The Artist has over painted on the canvas prints to make the image more valuable.

On the back is the Artist's name and A Canadian Flag with the Word Canada.

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Fish on Birch Bark


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Over Painting

Printed canvas is ordinary canvas with ink printed on it. Painting over printed canvas should never be a difficult task. You may be dumbfounded if paint applied over a printed canvas begins to bubble and peel soon after work is complete. Unfortunately, if you use the wrong type of paint on printed canvas, this will always be the case. If you need to paint over printed canvas, you must use a specific type of paint or you will see chipping and peeling.


        Lay the printed canvas on a heavy-duty fabric drop cloth. Do not use a plastic drop cloth as this will allow the paint to pool up and can create a mess.

        Apply a base coat by spraying the canvas with water-based acrylic spray paint. Spray in short intermittent bursts, rather than in one long stream to avoid runs in the finish.

        Allow the printed canvas to dry for at least two hours and then apply the design or art you wish, using craft or artists' brushes and water-based acrylic paints. 




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